(『新建築住宅特集』2022年9月号 および『和モダン』vol.14, 新建新聞社, 2021.12 掲載)

 The site is located in a residential area created on the foot of mountain in Nagano City known for Winter Olympic Games, and I planned to incorporate the magnificent panoramic landscape on the east side into the living space directly. But, there was concern about the deterioration of the indoor environment, in the winter when a large window was made. Therefore, I planned a Giant Door with heat insulation performance on the outside of the window, and adopted the form of “KAMISHIBAI (Japanese picture card show on the street) Stage” as its shape. This door is changing the facade, not only limited to measures against the cold, but it is opened and closed in various ways depending on daily usability and seasonal changes, such as blocking direct light from the east and controlling the line of sight.
 On the other hand, if I consider the form of “KAMISHIBAI Stage,” which has the potential to overcome the discussions of modern architectural history, as the concept model, other disparate ideas were integrated into a single form. These ideas are for sustainability as follows: effective use of partition to properly use natural ventilation and air conditioning  (CARD insertion / removal), control of electric wires and front roads that interfere the view (DROP CURTAIN), a gate-shaped frame that realizes a nave-like space (Wooden FRAME), and environmental units on the rooftop with ventilation windows and solar power panels (HANDLE). Additionally, another important feature of KAMISHIBAI was not just an attraction, but a place for the formation of a small community.

(“SHINKENCHIKU JUTAKUTOKUSHU” September, 2022 and “Wa Modern” vol.14)

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