seiichi shirai’s design of pilasters in wooden houses


羽藤広輔:白井晟一の木造住宅にみる付柱の意匠について ―「雲伴居」書斎の構想過程に着目して―,日本インテリア学会論文報告集,第27号,pp.43-46,2017.3

This paper discusses the design of pilasters in wooden houses by Seiichi Shirai (1905-1983), focusing on the process of designing a study room in Un-Pan-Kyo (1984). Although it has been recognized that pilasters in Shirai’s wooden houses, as represented by the House of Kureha, are important elements, there have been no known studies on the process of designing pilasters. This research, based on the “Un-Pan-Kyo So-Byo” sketches, indicates that on the west surface in the study room, pilaster was finally used in producing the design, which integrates these concepts: symmetry around the door, composition around the storage over the hearth based on the Japanese classic, and intentions in the planning.

Seiichi Shirai’s design of pilasters in wooden houses  ー Focusing on the process of designing study room in Un-Pan-Kyo ー
Kosuke Hato